The value of cross-border payments is estimated to increase from $150 trillion in 2017 to $250 trillion by 2027. The World Bank monitors the global average cost of sending a $200 international payment which in June 2022 stood at 6.01% with the target of halving this figure to 3% by 2030 (Source: Stronger collaboration between governments, regulators and the industry participants is needed to see real improvements to the cost, speed and transparency of cross-border payments as well as making payments more accessible.  Until then, companies want to rely on Fintech partners who can provide them with resilience to secure bank redundancy, faster payments, security, stability and continuity.  Read on to learn how Freemarket can help. 


Service Provider Resiliency


In operation since 2016, Freemarket works with businesses globally to accelerate their growth by giving them access to cross-border payments and currency exchange optimised for their treasury and operational needs—streamline processes, remove complexity and increase efficiency. With our platform, corporates can unlock more currencies and markets for their business through a single, API-enabled connection point. Combining service aggregation and integrated technology, we make it faster and easier for businesses to move money around the world.  By accessing our global banking network, you can pay in, exchange currency and pay out anywhere in the world.

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Freemarket Liquidity Network

Connect your business to our network of global banks and payment system providers to optimise
treasury, risk, bank payments and working capital.